Today, we’re sharing our favorite trick to help you come up with an outline for your website copy. Not only will this ensure you don’t forget a thing, but it’ll give you a starting point without feeling overwhelmed or totally bogged down.

The below steps aren’t intended to get you the perfect website copy, but they will give you a solid outline and place to begin.

Step One: Write Out Everything You Want to Include on Your Website

And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Using Post-It Notes, write everything that you want to be included on the site onto individual notes.  Don’t think so much about your 10-year marketing plan or getting the wording right. The goal here is to brainstorm and get all your thoughts on paper. If you do it right, it should take no more than five minutes.

Step Two: Organize Into Potential Pages

Start to pull together your content into clear categories. If you see something that works as a page title, great! Otherwise, simply group what makes sense.

Step Three: Determine Page Titles & Main Menu

Page titles are important and definitely not the place to get gimmicky, especially since most people skim websites. Save the creativity for your social media captions.

As for the menu, think of it like your page titles and make it easy for your audience to navigate your site. Stick with the basics and eliminate phrases in your menu.


We recommend no more than seven links in your main menu, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have more than seven pages. Take advantage of some other prime real estate by adding a curated menu in your footer, blog sidebar, or even portfolio page.