1. Introduce Yourself

This is our favorite. We love knowing that other small business owners exist and want to talk. Learning about your passion-turned-trade, the company your family has had for generations or the side project you’re contemplating gets our juices flowing. To make this easier for you, we’ve created a little form. Say hello!

2.  Let’s Talk

Once we hear you’re thinking about a website, we’ll want to set up a time to talk. If you’re busy, 30 minutes on the phone is great. If you have time to grab a latte, we keep many of the neighborhood coffee shops afloat and would love to show you a favorite while we hear all about you & your website goals and dreams.

3.  Moving Forward

If your project sounds like a great fit (i.e. you want a website and not a spaceship), we’ll hit the ground running. A few questions will help us know exactly what you need from us, which lets us generate an estimate, scope and timeline for your project.

4. Green Light

Once everyone agrees on where we’re headed, you’ll receive a list of everything we need to collect from you in order to begin building (photos, text, deposit, etc.) and the project will begin its journey as soon as we have those items in hand.

5. Construction Zone

It’s time to build! Each site is a bit different in this phase – sometimes we’ll want to chat with you one more time, sometimes we’ll have choices for you to make, and sometimes we’ll just code & design like crazy.

6. Test and Tune

Once the site exists and we’ve transformed your content into a beautiful and intuitive website, it’s time to find (and squish!) all the bugs. You’ll review, we’ll review, and then we’ll fix everything we need to before releasing the site into the wild.

7.  Blastoff

Even though we don’t build spaceships, we still love launch day. It’s when we get to share our collaborative hard work with the world – and that world gets to benefit from knowing your business exists. On this day, you get to stop apologizing for your website and start using it like the killer salesman that it is.

8.  That’s a Wrap

Following launch, we’ll do one final round of cleanup – just in case some of your loyal customers found anything we missed. Once that’s done, we’ll be sure you’re trained on anything you’d like to know how to do and square up for the remainder of the estimate amount. Want us to stick around to ensure the site stays fresh? Great! We’ll work together on a plan to keep pouring the lemonade – continual refreshment that fits in your budget.

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