Work faster and smarter on Squarespace with these simple hacks!

1. Toggle to see your website in desktop, tablet, and mobile formats

Designing for all screens is a necessity, and while Squarespace sites are optimized for any view, you still need to style it before launching your site. To toggle through the desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of your site, hover over the tab at the top of your screen until the down arrow shows, then click. You’ll see the mobile/tablet/desktop icons, and you can click the version you want to see.

gif showing how to view your squarespace website in mobile, tablet, and desktop views.

2. Shift + Return to get a new line without the paragraph spacing

Sometimes you want a new line in your text without the extra spacing of a new paragraph. To do this, simply hold down Shift, then click Return (or Enter).


Keep in mind that responsive sites will move your text to different lines as your viewer’s screen size changes. This is a good thing, as you want your site to translate across all screens, but it also means you don’t need to spend too much time getting that one word at the end on a line with the rest of your text. Chances are it’ll all move around as the screen sizes do, so let it be.

3. Hover + click to select an item to style

You can customize just about everything in Squarespace by going to Design, then Site Styles from the dashboard. If you don’t know the name of the element you want to style, you can simply hover over that in the website preview on the right side of your screen, then click on it. All the options for styling that part of your site will show on the left side now.

For more information on making style tweaks in Squarespace, check out this article.

4. Use Image Blocks – Poster for large buttons and graphics with text overlays

The Poster Image Block is a great option for creating a responsive graphic on your site. You can even link the entire block or add a button for a Call to Action.

Simply add an Image Block and select “Poster” for the Design. Upload your image, select the image link to be on the image or a button, and add your text. You can format the font, font color, button, and image overlay transparency in the Site Styles.

Need to create a simple background? Check out Canva* – their free graphic design tools are perfect (we created the sample backgrounds in less than 3 minutes!).

*It’s not an affiliate link, we just really like their tools!

5. Search and navigate your entire Squarespace dashboard

Click “ / ” on your keyboard to open the search panel for your Squarespace dashboard. You can easily find and navigate anything, anywhere on your site.

Search and navigate your Squarespace dashboard