You likely know we build websites, and you know we talk about lemonade. But there are a few other things we think you should know. The type of things our company might put on its online dating profile. If we had one. But we don’t, so we share them here.

1. Learning about your business creates genuine giddiness for us

A near-daily conversation at DigitaLemonade is one where one (or both) of us rambles about how much we enjoy learning about other small businesses.

During the process of building a website, we naturally hear quite a bit about a business. Some of it’s intentional (we need to know enough to represent each business well online), but some of it happens in the shared stories that emerge in between the questions we ask. It’s a great perk to have the privilege of naturally connecting with businesses similar to ours while bonding over shared hatred of sales tax, a favorite coffee shop or a recent Instagram post.

Even though our main goal with each client is to build a functional website they love, learning about the business behind the website has certainly become one of our favorite perks. Every small business has a great story, and getting to hear those stories is what gets us out of bed in the mornings.

2. We bring 2 decades of IT and Marketing experience to the game

It’s true that we both still tend to get ID’d at the store when picking up a bottle of wine.

However, we have a little more experience under our belts than the benevolent grocery clerks might believe. As a team, our combined history shows the following: 23 years of IT and Marketing career experience, 50 websites built and maintained, and 2,938 cups of coffee consumed.

We’ll be the first to tell you that we have plenty to learn, and plenty of (daily!) technology changes to keep up with, but the past years have brought some great lessons. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to websites, and each site we interact with leaves us with better perspective and richer knowledge.

3. Our Name actually means something

Although it gives us a great excuse to post cute pictures of juicy yellow citrus, the name “DigitaLemonade” was crafted out of more than a desire for cuteness.

Like many businesses, ours was born out of a desire to solve a problem. We saw friends running awesome small companies who grimaced immediately when talking about their websites. It was the most hated part of their business. They were being clotheslined every day by frustrating websites and web people who communicated like martians. What a sour experience!

We knew this situation could be better and began to help frustrated business owners turn their technology into something helpful. And so when trying to whittle a name out of our business beginnings, we kept coming back to the concept of “lemons from lemonade.” The websites causing our friends to pull their hair out were the lemons handed to them by their businesses, and we decided it was time to make DigitaLemonade.

4. We read a lot of geeky books and articles

It’s the best thing and the worst thing about our industry: it is always changing.

Keeping up with the latest on all elements of the web is a tad exhausting. New rules about domain names crisscross with the latest Google search algorithms which dovetail with the most recent hacking vulnerabilities. Does the internet have a “pause” button so we can all just catch up?

Even though technology moves and changes at a speed that’s impossible to keep up with perfectly, we still enjoy the challenge of continually wrapping our minds around what’s happening.

Our methods? Articles, books & podcasts. If you’re someone who tends to hang out on social media, you’ll likely see us share our favorites from time to time. Since our significant others are weary of geeky podcasts on road trips, we turn to cyberspace.

And all this for what? To be sure that we’re well-equipped to steer small businesses (and ourselves!) toward wise decisions in the web world, and to be sure you don’t have to keep up with all the gritty technology details.

5. We drink less actual lemonade than you might think

Although it would be especially appropriate if we both loved lemonade and consumed it daily while we do our work, it’s not actually the case. We do enjoy the occasional glass of citrus-y refreshment, but the daily fuel for our digital duties is something warmer and more caffeinated: coffee.

Perhaps if our neighborhood began producing lemonade shops with ample table space and free wifi, we would reconsider. But for the time being, we’re sticking with coffee. Our favorite spots make a great latte, and we love learning our barista’s names (and love that they know our drink orders).

There’s still plenty about us that you may (or may not) want to know, but now you have a little insight into what makes DigitaLemonade tick. Now, we can’t wait to learn all about your business!