Quick & Budget-Friendly Websites

If you mostly feel good about building a website yourself but still could use some professional direction, we got you. Meet DIY + DL (DigitaLemonade): you do most of the work on your own Squarespace website, but with the help of our step-by-step instructions followed by a session where we help you clear roadblocks and finish off the details.  You’re in control of how much time you’d like to spend with us – and therefore in control of the final cost of your website – but the cost for a DIY + DL project averages around $450.  Here’s how it works:

  • Sign Up.  When you decide it’s time to make a website happen, give us a shout.  We’ll collect a small deposit and send you a wealth of information to get going with your new Squarespace website.

  • Do Your Homework.  We send you a complete guide for getting your website going and planning it out.  You get to completely own your website, but you leverage our processes to get your site going.

  • Website Workshop.  Once your “homework” is complete, you’ll schedule a session with us for one-on-one guidance and roadblock removal.  We’ll review what you’ve done so far, let you know if we see any huge “no-nos” and knock out your high priority items from the comfort of your favorite coffee shop.

  • Celebrate.  That website you thought you couldn’t handle?  It’s done!  And you did most of the work yourself!  We love high-fiving our DIY + DL clients as they hit the ground running – and, of course, being available if they run into any website challenges in the future.

This is for you if. . .

  • your business is new and your budget is tight
  • you’re ready to invest time into your website
  • you have a moderate level of comfortability with your computer and with the web
  • your website needs are fairly simple
Make It Happen

Beautiful Results

With a few hours of coaching from us, here are the sites some recent DIY + DL clients have built:

Peacock Speech Therapy

Localite Events

Southern Sequence

What else can we cross off your to-do list?

  • branded company email addresses (i.e. name@company.com)
  • logo and brand design (we know people!)

  • domain names (what are those?)

  • email marketing (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) integration & automation

  • monthly website updates & reminders

“DigitaLemonade was the perfect solution to my website needs! I was starting from scratch and Alexis and Lindsay worked with me and my budget. They gave me “homework tasks” to complete before we got together. When we met (they know about all the best coffee shops around Houston!), we were able to use our time together very efficiently! I was tickled and impressed that after just a handful of hours together, I walked away with a LIVE website! I am grateful for their skills, knowledge and how easy it was to work with them. Thank you!!”

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