Thoughts on Tech

15 February 2018

The Five Things You Should Know About Us

2018-06-25T18:57:21-05:00February 15th, 2018|Thoughts on Tech|

You likely know we build websites, and you know we talk about lemonade. But there are a few other things we think you should know. The type of things our company might put on its online dating profile. If we had one. But we don’t, so we share them here. 1. Learning about your business creates genuine giddiness for us A near-daily conversation at DigitaLemonade is one where one (or both) of us rambles about how much we enjoy learning about other small businesses. During the process of building a website, we naturally hear quite [...]

1 February 2018

Our Take on Small Business Websites

2018-02-01T10:01:38-05:00February 1st, 2018|Thoughts on Tech|

First, you have the idea. It meets a need, solves a problem and people are going to pay boatloads to have your product or service. Elation! But the feeling fades a bit as logistics creep in. How do I get started? And how do I to TELL people about this? Building a website is likely on the first checklist you’ll make. But (unless you’re as nerdy as we are) you likely have no idea where to start - which is totally ok. Your business idea probably doesn’t involve building websites, so your expertise lies elsewhere. [...]